Roger Lehet, Kimberly™ Stove Inventor

We at Unforgettable Fire LLC would like to say how proud we are of Eagle Rise Wood Stoves. The “Gal In Charge” (Vanessa Kelly) has been completely awesome in helping us craft our corporate website. She wrote the tech manuals for both stoves and created our entire web presence, as well as put up with me….the crazy inventor. No one knows these stoves better than Vanessa does……except for me, LOL. I can easily say that anyone who buys a stove from Vanessa will receive un paralleled care and guidance in all phases of education, purchase and follow through of installation and use. Thanks Vanessa for your un ending commitment to this product and congratulations on your new Eagle Rise Wood Stoves, I know you are going to help many people.

Dan O., Kimberly™ & Nature’s Head® Client From New York

We are happy to choose you as our Nature’s Head dealer! We have noticed that you have excellent communication with customers which nowadays is a rarity, so that in itself is enough to drum up business and loyalty. Keep it up Vanessa!

Erin K., Kimberly™ Client From Wisconsin

When we were looking for a wood stove to put in our tiny cabin on wheels, we did a LOT of research. We looked at models from all over the world, but just kept coming back to the Kimberly. The small clearance distances were very appealing to us as we were placing the stove into a room that is less than 8 feet wide.  Not to mention that the stove is a beautiful addition to our cabin. It keeps our 200 sq ft mighty toasty, even on a sub-zero night in the Wisconsin north woods. We were also really happy to purchase a product designed and manufactured in the USA.
Really, meeting with Vanessa at a trade show is what really sealed the deal for us.  She’s warm and friendly and is committed to keeping her customers happy. Vanessa and Roger (the inventor of the stove) were available before, during, and after the install to answer any questions we had – even when we were wondering if we were starting the fire correctly, even on New Year’s Day! How many products have customer support provided by the inventor himself? Not many. Both Roger and Vanessa keep in contact with us to be sure that we are happy with the product.

Max G., Kimberly™ Client from Oregon

Thank you for all your help and for the absolute BEST Customer Service — BAR NONE — even though you didn’t originally sell me the Kimmy! Your unwavering old-fashioned standard of care and integrity is wonderfully awesome, and truly the benchmark for the whole and undivided honor! You are the very definition of superlative business ethics and social responsibility, and, in a word: kindness.

 Jeff A., Katydid™ Client From Pennsylvania

We have been building a tiny house and have been absorbing all the information we can about sustainable living and living off-grid. So, you could say, we’re in the process.

For now we live in a modestly sized home (about 1200-1500 sq. ft.) and have been interested in getting a wood stove to provide some additional heat.

In our tiny house research we came across the Kimberly stove and noticed that she had a bigger sister that would fill the need for our home  a lot of heat from a little box.

Well, we were planning to wait a little while to buy, but after talking to Vanessa, we were hooked. The idea that we could install it ourselves with a little help from Roger and Vanessa was very exciting.

Unfortunately (tee hee), when the stove arrived, it was clear that this piece of engineering was more than just that  it was art. What this meant was that we were no longer satisifed with where we decided to place it initially. It took us a little longer to get in place, but only because we wanted to give it a setting to match its magnificence…

Since installation, we have had the Katydid running  nonstop. The temperature has been consistently well below freezing and primarily between 10 above and 10 below zero. Typically in those situations, our normal furnace cannot keep up and is constantly trying. Not only has this been changed by having our Katydid, but sometimes the furnace has been able to stand down since the Katydid was doing all the heavy lifting. We have had several instances of being almost too warm!

The stove is absolutely perfect. It is gorgeous and well-made. We love it and we love Roger and Vanessa also  they were always available and consistently responsive.

Scott W., Kimberly™ Client From Indiana

You are truly a very bright light in a very dark world. Your concern for individuals (and knowledge of the scope of your products) were evident from the first time I contacted you, all the way through to the completion of my purchases. I cannot truly apply words to describe how much of a blessing you have been to my life and the lives of everyone you come in contact with. But in a word STELLAR! 🙂

Ella Jenkins, Kimberly™ Client From California

It is drizzling…and I am sitting here with my puppy in front of my best purchase of my life because of you.

Matt B., Kimberly™ Client From New Zealand

It’s been a real pleasure dealing with you. Very professional with a dash of Vanessa charm on the side.

Bethany H., Kimberly™ Client from Colorado