High Efficiency Small Wood Stoves

Katydid™ Small Wood Stoves

Katydid small wood stoves

The Katydid™ wood stove by Unforgettable Fire, LLC was EPA certified at a mere 1.9 grams/hour and is one of the few wood burning stoves which not only meets, but also exceeds the cleaner new EPA emissions standards for the Year 2020.

With a Katydid™ stove, you can feel good about your minimal impact on the environment. As well, your neighbors will love you! Katydids more complete combustion results in a nearly smokeless chimney and leaves very little creosote and ash. The Katydid stove can heat up to 2500 square feet.

Because the high efficiency Katydid™ wood stove squeezes more heat from less wood using gasifier technology, you can cut less trees, split less wood, and have more time to enjoy your life in front of the fire!

Seriously…don’t you have better things to do with your time than cut another cord of firewood?

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Kimberly™ Tiny – Small Wood Stoves
Kimberly™ Tiny Wood Stoves

Kimberly wood stove

The Kimberly stove by Unforgettable Fire, LLC stands apart from the crowd of other free standing wood burning stoves with her tiny footprint and 6-inch clearances. Kimberly™ is, without a doubt, the queen of tight spaces.

As a super efficient wood stove with a dainty appetite for wood, Kimberly™ is ideal for small quarters such as lake cabins, ice fishing shanties, garage workshops, tiny houses, boats, and she is adorable as a parlor stove for zone heating inside your bigger home.

If you’re looking at mini wood stoves for RV’s, look no further! As well, Kimberly™ is perfect for emergency preparedness due to Kimberly’s petite size and 56-pound portability.

Tiny, but mighty, the Kimberly™ wood stove can heat up to 1500 square feet and was EPA certified at 3.2 grams/hour, exceeding the Washington State EPA requirements, some of the toughest in the nation.

The Kimberly™ stove has gained international attention for her contemporary styling as a compact wood burning stove with exceptionally clean emissions. In 2013, Kimberly™ was one of only 12 wood stoves to complete the Wood Stove Decathlon from 261 international entries; the challenge was sponsored in part by Popular Mechanics magazine.

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Save Your Family $$$ With This Unique Venting System

Home owners rely on the Katydid & Kimberly™ gasifier stoves to reduce, and often replace their utility bills. In many cases, a Katydid™ or a Kimberly™ stove can pay for itself in as little as one to two years.

Renters can also benefit from the Katydid and Kimberly™ free standing wood stoves because they can take their Katydid™ & Kimberly™ stoves with them when they move; both wood stoves can be easily moved by use of a dolly.

The Kimberly™ and Katydid™ stoves are the only EPA certified wood stoves approved to vent with pellet stove pipe inside an appropriate Class-A pass through. All other wood stoves must vent with Class-A pipe for the entire length of the chimney, saving your family hundreds of $$$ in installation costs.

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With the coming optional accessories, Katydid™ and Kimberly™ can offer the ability to heat, cook, bake, generate electricity, generate light, and heat water, making these stoves the ultimate on-grid, off-grid living solution™ for your family’s daily home use, or for emergency preparedness. And, yes—we think you’ll agree that Katydid™ and Kimberly™ are the absolute best small wood stoves for cabins up north!

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