Why Are Your Wood Stoves Better Than Pellet Stoves?

Pellet stoves are self-feeding by use of electricity (with one exception, that is gravity fed). For this reason, pellet stoves may provide a more consistent room temperature than a wood stove would. This, we believe is where the advantage of a pellet stove ends.

When the grid goes down due to a winter storm or long term emergency which makes electricity unavailable, a pellet stove will fail you in your greatest hour of need. As well, a pellet stove will hold you hostage to the availability and affordability of pellets.

Your fuel options are much greater with a Katydid™ or Kimberly™ gasifier wood stove. With no  moving parts to wear out or otherwise fail, and no electricity required to start or otherwise operate, your Katydid™ or Kimberly™ gasifier wood stove is more apt to keep you warm in your greatest hour of need.

For many families the charm in having a wood stove over any other heating appliance is not only the warm glow of the flames, but its versatility and reliability.