How Many Square Feet Can A Katydid™ or Kimberly™ Heat?

In determining which wood stove is best for your needs, one should consider not only the heat output of the wood stove but also the heat retention of your space, as well as your own personal expectations. In other words, are you comfortable at 68-degrees or is 75-degrees more to your liking?

While Unforgettable Fire, LLC states that Katydid™ can heat up to 2500 square feet and Kimberly™ can heat up to 1500 square feet, we recommend that you consider the following variables when making your purchasing decisions:

  • Local climate and weather conditions.
  • Square footage and ceiling height of your space.
  • Insulation in your walls and attic.
  • Window quality.
  • Location of your wood stove within your space.
  • Air movement & humidity levels within your space.
  • Wood species and wood moisture content of your fuel.

As well, your investment in a moisture meter with an accuracy of +/- 1% can be made for less than $50 and it will help to ensure you are getting the most heat from the least amount of wood, and the longest possible burn times.