How Is A Gasifier Wood Stove Different From A Rocket Stove?

Katydid™ and Kimberly™ are gasifier wood stoves, not rocket stoves.

When a Katydid™ or Kimberly™ wood stove is dampered down, the fuel maintains an approximate 450-degree Fahrenheit temperature as it burns, thus creating massive amounts of smoky gases. As the smokey gases rise to the top of the combustion chamber in a Katydid™ or Kimberly™ wood stoves, the gasses ignite and burn at a very high temperature.

The bulk of the heat produced in our Katydid™ and Kimberly™ wood stoves comes from the secondary combustion process, which produces a very efficient and clean burn, with very little smoke emitting from the chimney.

While rocket stoves burn very hot and very clean, they are not efficient. Rocket stoves are hungry and consume lots of fuel.