Can I Vent Out A Wall, Instead of Through The Roof?

Whenever possible, always vent your Kimberly™ or Katydid™ gasifier wood stove up through the ceiling and roof, rather than out the side wall like a pellet stove.

You will notice in the Katydid™ and Kimberly™ Owner’s Manuals there is no approved installation for a through-the-wall installation.

 A warm chimney is a happy chimney! Venting out the wall (instead of going straight up through the ceiling) exposes the more of the flue to outside air, which can cool the chimney and thereby negatively impact the chimney’s performance, and ultimately the stove’s performance. To overcome this cooling effect, one would need to insulate the flue and the cost of installation would increase substantially.

As well, horizontal runs with elbows put back pressure on the venting system, which can cause difficult starts and smoke spillage when opening the door for reloading.

In effect your your chimney is the “lungs” of your wood stove installation and your Katydid™ or Kimberly™ is the “heart” of your installation. Just as your heart can not function properly if your lungs to not provide it with sufficient oxygen, neither can your Katydid™ or Kimberly™ wood stove.

In Roger Lehet’s 31 years of cleaning, selling, installing and now manufacturing wood stoves, he has always preferred to vent straight through the ceiling and roof whenever possible. Although there are few instances where this becomes impossible due to construction of the house, this is rare and should be avoided.