Are Your Wood Stoves EPA Certified?

Our Katydid™ and Kimberly™ wood stoves are EPA Certified. In addition, both Katydid™ and Kimberly™ are EPA certified for use in Washington State, which has some of the most stringent emission standards in the United States.

Kimberly™ provides an  exceptionally clean burn, emitting 3.2 grams/hour in EPA testing, as compared to 7.5 grams/hour allowed by Federal EPA standards, and 4.5 grams/hour allowed by Washington State standards. Katydid™ provides an even cleaner burn, emitting 1.9 grams/hour in EPA testing and is one of the very few EPA Certified wood stoves which currently meets the new emissions standards for the Year 2020.

Both Katydid™ and Kimberly™ wood stoves are also non-catalytic, making the EPA emissions rating even more remarkable.