About Unforgettable Fire, LLC

The boat where the Kimberly™ wood stove was invented.It all began when Roger Lehet and his family sought refuge on a 30-foot boat after they lost their wood stove business and home in The Great Recession.

The cold, wet, and moldy conditions on that boat moored in Puget Sound fueled Roger Lehet’s desperation to develop a total off-grid living solution. It would not only need to heat their living space, but allow them to cook, bake, heat water, and generate electricity, as well.

Out of this family’s hardship came the Kimberly™ gasifier wood stove. Offering the advantage of a tiny footprint and requiring only a 6-inch clearance, Kimberly™ was specifically designed to heat smaller spaces, while burning less wood.

Burning nearly smokeless, Roger Lehets’ Kimberly™ wood stove was subsequently selected as one of just 12 wood stoves to participate in the international Alliance for Green Heat Wood Stove Decathlon, sponsored in part by Popular Mechanics magazine.

When the public begged for a bigger wood stove using the same gasifier technology, Roger Lehet next developed his Katydid™ gasifier wood stove, able to heat up to 2500 square feet. Katydid™ was EPA certified at 1.9 grams/hour making Katydid™ in the top 4% of the 631 EPA certified stoves in the United States.

Katydid™ and Kimberly™ are non-catalytic wood stoves. They are each approved to use pellet stove pipe with a Class-A passthrough. This unique venting system saves families hundreds of dollars in installation costs and is less intimidating for the DIY installer. Your TOTAL installation costs are about the same as a wood stove at half the price.

With no moving parts and no electrical components, Katydid™ and Kimberly™ have been designed to operate without fail in your greatest hour of need.

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